Vestibular Processing

A sensory system that responds to changes in head and body movement through space. Symptoms:

  • Hypersensitive – resist having head tipped back for bathing or diapering; resist swinging; prefers to sit and play rather than move and play; afraid of heights; fearful of falling.
  • Hyposensitive – loves moving; can’t seem to sit still very long; loves swinging, spinning, upside down hanging, etc.; seems to always be full of energy; difficulty sleeping or getting to sleep at night.

Vestibular Activities
Sensory Processing Disorder Resource Center

One thought on “Vestibular Processing

  1. Do you know a child who is “on the go” all of the time? Sometimes children who have a sensory need for frequent movement may be confused with a child who has Attention Deficit Disorder (Hyperactive type). However, often times, with the right sensory activities and strategies in place these children who “love to move” can be very successful with staying still long enough to pay attention and learn.

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