Booster Seat Cushion for Toddlers on Amazon

This booster seat can be used for sitting at the kitchen table using a regular kitchen chair.  It will work well for kids who are able to sit independently because there are no safety straps to hold them on the seat.  If you need one with safety buckles, there are other ones on Amazon.  

This one does have straps, but they are to hold the cushion to the chair so it doesn’t fall off. 

You can also use this cushion on the floor to work on sitting balance for those kiddos that need the extra core strength and endurance practice!

Sammons Preston Rubber Massage Brush on Amazon

These are “old school” oral motor infant teething, gum massagers, oral sensory tools.  These are not made for babies that already have teeth! They can and will bite through this fairly easily with teeth!  

It is a good item for babies who don’t have teeth yet, and who are needing some massage on their gums to help them feel better while they are trying to get their teeth to push through!  

It is also a good oral sensory tool for de-sensitizing or for stimulating an infants mouth to help with feeding strategies.

Sammons Preston Rubber Massage Brush

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Amazon Carrot Harvest Fine Motor and Cognitive Toy

Wooden toy for matching and sorting different sized carrots. Great for fine motor skills also to remove and place the carrots in the board!

Balance Disc on Amazon

This is not a new discovery. . . this balance disc or “disc-o-sit” is a great addition to your therapy equipment. Kids can use these to sit or stand on. Most of the time, we use these for sitting – either to practice working on balance and activating their core muscles, or as a “wiggle seat” for those kiddos that are able to sit well, but have that sensory “need” to move more. This allows them to get some movement in while sitting in one place!

Looking for: Fine Motor, Sensory, Feeding Items?

Milestones Podcast Amazon Storefront

Check out the Milestone Podcast Amazon Store!  I have started a collection of fine motor, sensory, books, and feeding items that you may find helpful all in one place!

These are things you may want to add to your personal “therapy” collection.  Parents of infants and toddlers may find these ideas helpful for Birthday, Christmas, or other Holiday gift lists!

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Fubbles: Bubble Party Machine

This bubble machine works so well!! It puts out so many bubbles you can’t even believe it! 

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Infant Teething Toys on Amazon

Silicone infant teething toys on Amazon. . . found these teething toys today!  They are super cute, lightweight, and perfect for infants who are teething!!

Weighted Tactile Bean Bags on Amazon

These 1/2 lb weighted tactile bean bags can add some fun and Proprioceptive sensory input to different activities and games.

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On Amazon: OgoSport – Grippi Bottle Ball

Baby bottle holder – slide this on over the bottle so the baby can learn to hold their own bottle.  This gadget can be good for little ones that have gross motor delays, fine motor delays, and general difficulties with bringing hands to the middle (midline) to hold things.

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Bee to Hive Matching Game on Amazon

Cute game! I wouldn’t use with little ones that are still putting toys/items in their mouth.  . . the bees are still a little too small for my comfort with those kiddos!

But, it is a cute toy with good opportunities to work on fine motor, cognitive, social, and language skills.  The tongs work well, but can be a little difficult to pick up the bees for kiddos who are just learning how to use tongs.

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