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Check out the Milestone Podcast Amazon Store!  I have started a collection of fine motor, sensory, books, and feeding items that you may find helpful all in one place!

These are things you may want to add to your personal “therapy” collection.  Parents of infants and toddlers may find these ideas helpful for Birthday, Christmas, or other Holiday gift lists!

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On Amazon: OgoSport – Grippi Bottle Ball

Baby bottle holder – slide this on over the bottle so the baby can learn to hold their own bottle.  This gadget can be good for little ones that have gross motor delays, fine motor delays, and general difficulties with bringing hands to the middle (midline) to hold things.

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Globbles on Amazon

These Globbles are an interesting Tactile Sensory Processing item! They are very sticky, and even stick to each other well!  Kids can squeeze, poke, smash them and experience a unique type of texture when using them!  For smaller kids, use with caution and/or adult supervision.

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

Amazon Item: Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog. This toy is great for preschool aged kids! Build fine motor skills by placing the pegs in the holes of the hedgehog. Very cute and fun also! Have them place the pegs into the holes, talk about the colors, and remove the pegs from the hedgehog to clean up!

Clack Game on Amazon

This game is great for kids, especially 4-5 year olds! To work on cognitive, fine motor, visual motor, and visual scanning skills!

Crayon Rocks on Amazon

These Crayon Rocks are great for encouraging kids to use their fingertips and thumb to grasp the crayons, and practice their Fine Motor skills!  (Not for use with kids under 3 due to choking hazard!)

Step 2 Easel on Amazon

Drawing on a vertical surface has many great benefits for fine motor coordination.  Kids can also practice standing in one place and reaching the entire board – and crossing midline when reaching with each hand!

Infant Play Mat for Developmental Milestones

These mats are great for 0-6 months age range. You can use them for gross motor, fine motor, vision, cognitive, and language skills.

Brachial Plexus Injuries at Birth Episode 21 Child Development

On this show I discuss the different types of brachial plexus injuries, what the brachial plexus is, and how the injuries can affect babies and toddlers.

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