Mentorship Opportunity

I am currently providing mentorship to: New OT Grad’s, OT’s New to Early Intervention, and any other Early Intervention therapist or provider that is interested!!

Join me now for video meetings where we can discuss issues related to OT with the pediatric population, and especially for Early Intervention and Early Childhood.

Current prices – subject to change at any time:  $25 for a 30 minute session or $40 for a 60 minute session.  These video sessions are one-on-one with me, Allison Carter, of the Milestones Podcast!

Send me an email at [email protected] to find out more or to schedule a session.

Tactile Sensory Processing and the Changing Seasons – Episode 103

On this episode, I discuss how the changing seasons can affect those people with Tactile Sensory Processing Sensitivities.

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