Mentorship Opportunity!!

I am currently providing mentorship to: New OT Grad’s, OT’s New to Early Intervention, and any other Early Intervention therapist or provider that is interested!!

For a limited time, I will be available for video meetings with individuals regarding issues related to Early Intervention – and especially with Occupational Therapy.

Available NOW through the end of September! $25 per 30 minute video session one-on-one with me, Allison Carter, of the Milestones Podcast!

Send me an email at [email protected] to schedule a session.

Food Play Therapy: Continuation of Infant and Toddler Eating Skills – Episode 91

In this Episode, I discuss specifics of food play – where to begin and how to progress with textures and variety of foods.

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11 Year Old Making and Selling Oversized Baby Blankets

Baby Blanket on Etsy

This 11 year-old (who happens to be my daughter) is making and selling large baby blankets on Etsy! This is the first one she has listed. She is working on a few more, and will have those listed soon also! She has been making these for a while now, but is just getting started with online sales.

These larger sized blankets are so great for swaddling! They actually stay wrapped up in these, unlike the regular sized ones you get from the stores.

Baby Blankets Blankets Baby Shower Gifts Baby Products image 0