Interview with Jill Loftus OT from HonestOT Episode 45

On this episode of the Milestones podcast, I have a discussion and interview with Jill Loftus, MS, OTR/L.  She is an Occupational Therapist in the Denver, Colorado area who works with kids ages birth – 8 years old.  We discuss the pros and cons of Occupational Therapy home visits versus clinic visits with kids from a therapists’ perspective.

Sorry for any glitches in the audio! This was my first experience editing an interview so there are some places where things are off just a bit! And just some funny phone sounds coming through! Bear with me!

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Sensory Processing Versus Autism Episode 28

On this episode, I talk about Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism and how they are 2 different things. You can have Sensory Processing issues without having Autism. However, it is very uncommon to have Autism without Sensory Processing issues.

Research Article:
“Abnormal white matter microstructure in children with sensory processing disorders.” Abnormal white matter microstructure in children with sensory processing disorders – ScienceDirect, Accessed 6 Sept. 2017.

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