Mentorship Opportunity!!

I am currently providing mentorship to: New OT Grad’s, OT’s New to Early Intervention, and any other Early Intervention therapist or provider that is interested!!

For a limited time, I will be available for video meetings with individuals regarding issues related to Early Intervention – and especially with Occupational Therapy.

Available NOW through the end of September! $25 per 30 minute video session one-on-one with me, Allison Carter, of the Milestones Podcast!

Send me an email at to schedule a session.

11 Year Old Making and Selling Oversized Baby Blankets

Baby Blanket on Etsy

This 11 year-old (who happens to be my daughter) is making and selling large baby blankets on Etsy! This is the first one she has listed. She is working on a few more, and will have those listed soon also! She has been making these for a while now, but is just getting started with online sales.

These larger sized blankets are so great for swaddling! They actually stay wrapped up in these, unlike the regular sized ones you get from the stores.

Baby Blankets Blankets Baby Shower Gifts Baby Products image 0

Autism Parenting Magazine Sale!

Autism Parenting Magazine Back to School Sale!

As we know, one of the most difficult times for a child with autism is the start of the school year. New classrooms, teachers, peers, rules — it can be overwhelming.  Any variation in routine has the potential to create confusion and stress. This can often be managed through educating ourselves and careful planning.

Just to let you know you can get all of our Autism Parenting Magazine’s back-to-school issues when you
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As well as access to cutting-edge information delivered on a monthly basis, you’ll also receive the following bonuses:

Issue 10 – Back to School Made Easy
Issue 22 – Back to School Special Edition
Issue 36 – Managing School Stressors
Issue 37 – Making Educational Strides
Issue 50 – The Homeschooling Revolution
Issue 51 – School: Preparing Your Child for Transition
Issue 65 – Back to School Transitions
Issue 78 – Back to School Success
Issue 90 – Practical Ways to Build Skills for a Lifetime
Issue 91 – Great Back-to-School Strategies

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Autism Parenting Magazine Sale!

Occupational Therapy Coffee Mugs

I have been working on some new designs for coffee mugs for therapists! Check out this latest one with words that relate to Occupational Therapy! You can look at all of my products by clicking the link below! They will be also posted on Amazon soon.

Occupational Therapy Coffee Mugs

Milestones Podcast on Patreon!!

Become a Patron!

Hello all!

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Thank you for your support! I greatly appreciate it!

See all of my items on Gearbubble

Use the following link to see all of my items on the Gearbubble site!! I’m going to continue adding items daily! Let me know if you have ideas for me to add!

Second Occupational Therapist Coffee Mug Option

Second option for OT’s! You can order at:

Occupational Therapist Coffee Mug

Hey all! I’m working on designing some merchandise for OT, PT, SLP, etc.

Check out this coffee mug for Occupational Therapists so far. . . let me know if you have any requests or ideas for others!