Autism Parenting Magazine Back to School Special

As we know, one of the most challenging times for a child with autism is the start of the school year. New classrooms, teachers, peers, rules — it can be overwhelming. Any variation in routine has the potential to create confusion and stress. However, this can often be managed through educating ourselves and careful planning.

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Issue 10 – Back to School Made Easy
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Issue 36 – Managing School Stressors
Issue 37 – Making Educational Strides
Issue 50 – The Homeschooling Revolution
Issue 51 – School: Preparing Your Child for Transition
Issue 65 – Back to School Transitions
Issue 78 – Back to School Success
Issue 90 – Practical Ways to Build Skills for a Lifetime
Issue 91 – Great Back-to-School Strategies
Issue 104 – Transition Strategies For Kids With Autism
Issue 105 – Special Compilation “The Best of APM: Autism Education At Home And At School”

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