Paper Mate Triangular Shaped Mechanical Pencils

I found these pencils recently, and they are awesome! Triangular shaped to assist with adaptive grasp for handwriting. No need for additional grips to add on to the pencils. They also have a thicker lead so they don’t break as easily as other mechanical pencil leads!

Step 2 Easel on Amazon

Drawing on a vertical surface has many great benefits for fine motor coordination.  Kids can also practice standing in one place and reaching the entire board – and crossing midline when reaching with each hand!

Handwriting Activities and Considerations Episode 49

On this episode, I will discuss things to consider when working with kids on handwriting activities and strategies.  These will mainly revolve around making sure they are set up for success!  Also, a special Halloween Treat: a short story written and read by my son!

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Grasp Development in Kids Episode 38

Today I will discuss the development of grasp from infants to kids as it relates to preparing for handwriting activities.

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