Tactile Sensory Processing and the Changing Seasons – Episode 103

On this episode, I discuss how the changing seasons can affect those people with Tactile Sensory Processing Sensitivities.

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Intro and Ending Music by: Lance Carter, “A New Normal”

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Kelsey Philpott-Robinson, Alison E. Lane, Karen Harpster; Sensory Features of Toddlers at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Am J Occup Ther July/August 2016, Vol. 70(4), 7004220010p1–7004220010p8. doi: https://doi.org/10.5014/ajot.2016.019497

Globbles on Amazon

These Globbles are an interesting Tactile Sensory Processing item! They are very sticky, and even stick to each other well!  Kids can squeeze, poke, smash them and experience a unique type of texture when using them!  For smaller kids, use with caution and/or adult supervision.

Tactile Sensitivities With Wearing Clothing Episode 53

On this episode, I discuss why some kids won’t seem to leave their clothes on, and what some possible strategies are for helping them wear clothes!

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Book: Play With Your Food: How to Get Your Toddler to Eat

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Dew Drops Water Beads for Tactile Sensory Play

These water beads can be a great tactile sensory play item!  Parents should supervise their children when they are playing with these!

Hair Cut with Sensory Processing Disorder Episode 33

On this episode, I discuss issues with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and hair cuts, styles, and overall tactile sensory issues related to the hair and head. I provide some suggestions for helping kids with sensory processing disorder try to get through a hair cut.

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Vibrating Item for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder

For kids with Sensory Issues! They may love the vibration and seek out that sensation for deep pressure on their arms and legs. If they don’t like the sensation, it may be something to work towards.

Sensory Brushes

These brushes are used with the Wilbarger Sensory Brushing Protocol. Please consult with a pediatric Occupational Therapist on the appropriate use of this item!
Great for Proprioceptive Sensory Processing, or to help kids who have Tactile Sensory Issues. It can be calming and organizing for their bodies when used correctly.

Set of 4 Tactile Sensory Processing Toys!!

This set of 4 toys has some popular toys that can be helpful with kids who like to squeeze and play with toys that have different textures. These can also be good for encouraging kids who don’t like to touch things with textures! Even kids who don’t have any issues with Sensory Processing would love these!!
This one comes with 4 balls that all have different textures and colors!

Tactile Sensory Processing Episode 3 Special Needs Topics

Episode 3: Tactile Sensory Processing

In this Episode of The Special Needs Podcast, I talk about one aspect of Tactile Sensory Processing.  In my Occupational Therapy practice with kids and families I see issues with this area a lot!  There are so many things to talk about, that I will be breaking this one up into multiple episodes in order to try and keep things from getting too confusing!

Today, I am focusing mostly on kids that have some sensitivities to things touching them, and I give one long example with explanations.

Please email with questions and comments to: [email protected]


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