Ultimate Calming Multi-color Gravity Bubble Drop Liquid Motion

One example of a visually stimulating toy that can be calming for kids with visual sensory processing issues.  It can give them something to focus on that will block out other types of stimulation temporarily.

Tactile Sensory Stretchy Critters on Amazon

This is just one example of the tactile sensory activities you can use to help kids experience the way different things feel.

Set of 4 Tactile Sensory Processing Toys!!

This set of 4 toys has some popular toys that can be helpful with kids who like to squeeze and play with toys that have different textures. These can also be good for encouraging kids who don’t like to touch things with textures! Even kids who don’t have any issues with Sensory Processing would love these!!
This one comes with 4 balls that all have different textures and colors!