Ultimate Calming Multi-color Gravity Bubble Drop Liquid Motion

One example of a visually stimulating toy that can be calming for kids with visual sensory processing issues.  It can give them something to focus on that will block out other types of stimulation temporarily.

Visual Sensory Processing Episode 48

On this episode, I talk about a real life example of visual sensory over stimulation.  I give additional details on what to look for in kids who get visually over stimulated and kids that are visual sensory seekers.

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Ultimate Calming Multi-color Gravity Bubble Drop Liquid Motion Wheel Assorted Floating Liquid Desk Toy Display Entertainment Sensory Toy Fidget Toy (Pink-Yellow)

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Pillow Pets Glow Animals

One option for visual stimulation and calming at night for toddlers or kids with sensory processing issues that prevents them from falling asleep.

Sensory Processing for Everyone Episode 10 Special Needs Topics

On this episode I discuss how Sensory Processing is part of every person’s daily life, but some people have more difficulty with processing sensory information than others.

Some children with special needs have difficulties with Sensory Processing and other Child Development issues.

Think about your own life, and how you handle sensory information throughout your day. What about your kids? If you see any signs that are affecting their ability to play, learn, eat, grow, or develop in some way, bring it up to your pediatrician or seek an evaluation from an early intervention program in your area.

Eye exams are important for people of all ages! Get eye exams for your kids even if there are no concerns just to make sure nothing gets missed.

Next episode #11 will have a new name: “Milestones”
The content will continue on course with what I’ve been discussing, but hopefully the broader name will catch the attention of all parents, not just those looking for information on kids with special needs.

Eye Exams for Kids: http://thinkaboutyoureyes.com
Over the Ear Headphones for Kids: Headphones

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Visual Sensory Processing Episode 9 Special Needs Topics

On this show I discuss Visual Sensory Processing as it relates to kids. Visual Sensory Processing is explained in detail, plus suggestions are given for things to look for with these kids and how to possibly help them when appropriate.

Sun Shade for Strollers: Sun Shade for Strollers

Sensory Processing
Child Development
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Kids Indoor Play Tent for Sensory Breaks

This is just one example of so many types of indoor kids play tents that you can use for kids who just need a quiet place to get away and take a break when they are feeling overstimulated. It can be calming for kids who have issues with Auditory Processing, Visual Sensory Processing, and Tactile Sensory Processing, or it can just be a fun place to play!

Abilitations Cozy Shades Softening Light Filters

I have not personally installed these before, but I know of people that have used them both in schools and in their own homes to dampen the lights for kids who are sensitive to bright lights.