Auditory Sensory Processing at Home and School – Episode 81

On this Episode, I talk about Auditory Sensory Processing Delays and Sensitivities.  I will explain what this looks like, how it works, and provide examples of home and school situations.

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Intro and Ending Music by: Nathan Kirch. “Dredgpop2”

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Auditory Processing 4th of July Fireworks Episode 25

On this episode, I discuss Auditory Processing issues with kids who have Sensory Processing Disorder as it relates to Fireworks! In the United States, our Independence Day or the 4th of July is coming up so I thought it would be a good time to explain this issue more. I will talk about some of the reasons why kids are scared of fireworks, and offer suggestions on ways to help prevent them from becoming scared.

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Kids Indoor Play Tent for Sensory Breaks

This is just one example of so many types of indoor kids play tents that you can use for kids who just need a quiet place to get away and take a break when they are feeling overstimulated. It can be calming for kids who have issues with Auditory Processing, Visual Sensory Processing, and Tactile Sensory Processing, or it can just be a fun place to play!