Sensory Processing for Everyone Episode 10 Special Needs Topics

On this episode I discuss how Sensory Processing is part of every person’s daily life, but some people have more difficulty with processing sensory information than others.

Some children with special needs have difficulties with Sensory Processing and other Child Development issues.

Think about your own life, and how you handle sensory information throughout your day. What about your kids? If you see any signs that are affecting their ability to play, learn, eat, grow, or develop in some way, bring it up to your pediatrician or seek an evaluation from an early intervention program in your area.

Eye exams are important for people of all ages! Get eye exams for your kids even if there are no concerns just to make sure nothing gets missed.

Next episode #11 will have a new name: “Milestones”
The content will continue on course with what I’ve been discussing, but hopefully the broader name will catch the attention of all parents, not just those looking for information on kids with special needs.

Eye Exams for Kids:
Over the Ear Headphones for Kids: Headphones

Special Needs
Sensory Processing
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