Mom’s On Call – Book on Amazon

I haven’t read this one yet, but it came recommended to me by one of the families I am currently working with. I flipped through their copy briefly, and it looks like it contains some very good information, especially for first time parents!

My Amazon Influencer Page

I have started a “storefront” on Amazon with many of the items I have posted on my website. But. . . they are all in one easy to see place on my Amazon site!! Check it out! I’m adding / updating it every few days! Use the link above to get there directly!

Why Motor Skills Matter book on Amazon

Hey everyone! This book does an awesome job of explaining why we therapists care so much about infant motor skill development! It is a good resource we can use with parents to help them see why babies go through the motor milestones.

Wooden Lacing Apple Toy on Amazon

Great item for fine motor and bilateral coordination skills! Durable, and easy to use! A great beginning lacing toy for toddlers to practice using both hands to play at the same time!

Crayon Rocks on Amazon

These Crayon Rocks are great for encouraging kids to use their fingertips and thumb to grasp the crayons, and practice their Fine Motor skills!  (Not for use with kids under 3 due to choking hazard!)