Balance Disc on Amazon

This is not a new discovery. . . this balance disc or “disc-o-sit” is a great addition to your therapy equipment. Kids can use these to sit or stand on. Most of the time, we use these for sitting – either to practice working on balance and activating their core muscles, or as a “wiggle seat” for those kiddos that are able to sit well, but have that sensory “need” to move more. This allows them to get some movement in while sitting in one place!

Gymnic Disc-O-Sit Jr. Inflatable Seat Cushion

This item is great for posture and core activation. However, it is also great for Vestibular and Proprioceptive Sensory Processing. For those kids that have trouble sitting still, this can give them the stimulation they are looking for while they are still sitting in one place. It can help them stay seated long enough to play with toys or maybe even for meal or snack time.