Occupational Therapy in Early Intervention Episode 20 Child Development

On this episode I discuss what Occupational Therapy means and how we work with infants and toddlers. Differences between OT and OTA are explained. The hopeful future of this podcast is laid out for you!

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KU Occupational Therapy: http://www.kumc.edu

OT Practice Act – AOTA: https://www.aota.org/-/media/Corporate/Files/Advocacy/State/Resources/PracticeAct/Model Definition of OT Practice Adopted 41411.pdf

OT Statistics in Europe: http://www.coteceurope.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/2016-COTEC-Summary-of-the-OT-profession-in-Europe.pdf
OT in Germany: https://www.dve.info/
OT in Norway: http://www.ergoterapeutene.org/
OT in Ireland: https://www.aoti.ie/Default.aspx
European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education: http://enothe.eu/
OT in Singapore: https://www.saot.org.sg/
OT in Japan: http://www.jaot.or.jp/
United Arab Emirates OT Statistics: http://www.payscale.com
OT Salaries: https://www.bls.gov/
OT Careers: http://money.usnews.com

Special Needs
Early Intervention
Child Development
Pediatric Occupational Therapy

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