Lavender Scented Aromatherapy Weighted Cat Stuffed Animal


I have not purchased this specific item, but I have purchased similar ones.  They have been wonderful for providing some olfactory (sense of smell) stimulation at the same time as providing some calming pressure from the weight of the item.

Proprioceptive Sensory Processing Episode 8 Special Needs Topics

In this episode I discuss what Proprioceptive Sensory Processing or Proprioception is in detail. I give examples of what this might look like with kids who are having issues in this area of sensory processing. Examples of activities to do with them are also given.

Here are some useful links from today’s show:
Sensory Stretchy Bed Sheets for Deep Pressure:
Squeeze Machine: Squeeze Machine
Pressure Vest: Pressure Mesh Vest
Sensory Swing: THERAPY SWING

Dynamic Body Sox

A fun and useful activity for kids who have issues with body awareness and motor planning. Can be used as a Proprioceptive Sensory activity for kids with sensory needs. Kids get inside and push with their arms and legs to feel the resistance and give excellent pressure to their body for calming and organizing sensations.