Mini Muffin Match Up for Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills are used in this game to use the tongs to pick up the pieces, and to use fingers to get the pieces out of the muffin tin. Great for matching and cognitive skills as well!

Fine Motor Skills in Occupational Therapy Episode 29

On this episode, I discuss the history of the profession of Occupational Therapy in the United States. I also discuss fine motor skills in kids and adults including crossing midline and bilateral coordination.

Wikipedia OT history:

Wikipedia Greek Doctor:

AJOT OT WWI article

Gutman, Sharon A. “Influence of the U.S. Military and Occupational Therapy Reconstruction Aides in World War I on the Development of Occupational Therapy.” American Journal of Occupational Therapy, American Occupational Therapy Association, 1 Mar. 1995, Accessed 6 Sept. 2017.


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Down Syndrome and Early Intervention Episode 19 Child Development

On this episode I discuss early intervention strategies and considerations for babies children with Down Syndrome. Information is presented about what low tone and laxity of joints are. Issues surrounding feeding, fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive skills are discussed.


Research Article:
International Journal of Science Culture and SportJune2016: 4(2)ISSN : 2148-1148Doi :10.14486/IntJSCS509
Sehmus ASLAN1, Ummuhan BAS ASLAN

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Siblings of Children With Special Needs Episode 17 and Child Development

On this episode, I discuss issues and concerns related to siblings of kids with special needs. I shared an inspiring story on my facebook page about a set of twins where one had Autism and the other one did not.
The discussion revolves around including all kids in the family as much as possible, and trying to balance giving your attention to each one. So many parents are already good at this, but I wanted to mention it to make sure people remain conscious of how important it is!

See the inspiring story of the twins graduating high school and walking across the stage together:

Research Article:
Arora, Manish, et al. “Fetal and postnatal metal dysregulation in autism.” Nature News, Nature Publishing Group, 1 June 2017, Accessed 6 Sept. 2017.

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