Down Syndrome and Early Intervention Episode 19 Child Development

On this episode I discuss early intervention strategies and considerations for babies children with Down Syndrome. Information is presented about what low tone and laxity of joints are. Issues surrounding feeding, fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive skills are discussed.


Research Article:
International Journal of Science Culture and SportJune2016: 4(2)ISSN : 2148-1148Doi :10.14486/IntJSCS509
Sehmus ASLAN1, Ummuhan BAS ASLAN

Down Syndrome
Occupational Therapy
Early Intervention
Child Development
Special Needs

Ark’s Honey Bear Straw Drinking Cup

This is a great tool for teaching toddlers how to drink from a straw. The straw will hold the liquid up in the straw so they can be more successful in getting the liquid out. You can adjust how far up the straw the liquid will go and stay depending on their skill level.
It also has a lip blocker attachment that helps keep their lips and tongue in the correct position for drinking and swallowing.