ATNR Part 2: Episode 87

On this Episode, I will discuss a research study on retained primitive reflexes in preschool aged kids, and I will give you some examples of exercises to try with kids who have a retained ATNR.

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Gieysztor, Ewa & Choińska, Anna Maria & Paprocka-Borowicz, Małgorzata. (2018). Persistence of primitive reflexes and associated motor problems in healthy preschool children. Arch Med Sci. 14. 167-173. 10.5114/aoms.2016.60503.

Research Study Link

Trunk Rotation Study

5th Grade Study

Reflexes and ADHD Study

Intro and Ending Music by: Nathan Kirch. “Dredgpop2”

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Theraband Non-Latex Resistive Bands

As discussed in today’s show, these bands can be helpful for kids who have a difficult time sitting still in their chairs either at home or school. You can use these bands around the legs of their chair so they can hook their feet around it for extra support, or just for additional sensory input.